Bali with Alex Tattersall

From Alex:

Bali, Indonesia, an exotic island of dreams which can't fail to conjure up the promise of glorious adventures and unforgettable experiences. I for one am so excited to be able to throw myself into all the wonders being offered to us. Bali is one of the epicentres of the coral triangle and as such offers a wealth of underwater opportunities to see, species endemic to the region along with more widely dispersed underwater wildlife, but with some Bali particularites (Shaun the sheep nudis here are substantially bigger than their Lembeh cousins). Our beautiful resort will make you feel at home from the minute you arrive, big smiles and wonderful people. Take the time to get to know them, they are very curious about their overseas visitors, heartwarmingly helpful, enthusiastic and kind and nothing makes them happier than happy guests. Alongside the diving activities, Bali deserves more time investment if you can, to explore the culture, the land wildlife and the breathtaking landscapes around the island.

Our base will be in the town of Tulumben, continually cited as among the best and most varied diving experiences in the world. It is certainly a macro and supermacro hotspot, but is also moments away from the USS Liberty Wreck, a world class wreck site in shallow water home to more than 400 species of fish and countless other critters. The fishlife, the coral growth, the critters will all leave you buzzing. And because we are staying so close, we can time our dives when the minimum of traffic (human) is coming through. We will be accompanied by some of the areas best dive guides, who are used to photogaphers, to assist in you achieving photos of which you will be proud.

We also will give people the choice to go further afield, for example to Nusa Penida, to go in search of the elusive Mola Mola sunfish (bring a warmer wetsuit as this can be colder!).

For our photo instruction, we will follow much the same programme as all my trips. We will spend a lot of time knowing what each of you are hoping to get out of the trip. We will then assess your cameras and other parts to give you a good idea of what is and what (largely) isn't possible with a setup (we are always limited). We will gather to discuss and share photo techniques (we all learn from each other), and have interactive group presentations during and after dinner. I do my utmost to prevent a competitive environment as I want everyone to feel they have improved and benefited from all the other participants on the trip. We will look at various techniques that you can try or put in the bank for later if you feel you want to play with something else. We will also learn to understand the critters and their environments and foster an atmosphere of respect for our subject matter. When people have started producing images in their dives, we will use the time to discuss these images, look at what they wanted to achieve and if they are not satisfied, how they could improve. It is always a supportive group but participation with your own images is not obligatory although you may well benefit from the constructive feedback of the group.

As I am the importer for Nauticam UK and Ireland, I would also usually bring a pile of toys for you to play with, lenses, lights, snoots, coloured filters and then some off-piste inventions such as the tube of joy and the magic ball.

This will be the 12 year of running workshops for me, but I really can't wait for this one which promises to be outstanding. I do hope we can enjoy it together. Please feel free to email me about the photography side of things ( and the amazing Lydia for all the logistic elements of the trip which will keep us as far as possible on the straight and narrow!

If you can, I would stay for longer and try to explore the island whilst you are there, you won't regret it.

Waiting to see you there :)

Dr Alex Tattersall.

Bali Dive Resort & Spa:

Bali Dive Resort and Spa takes its extraordinary beachfront place alongside the black sands of Karangasem and many of Bali's world-famous muck diving sites - perfect for underwater photography. With exemplary hospitality, an incredible oceanfront outlook, wonderful spa treatments and world-class diving, the Bali Dive Resort and Spa is a one-of-a-kind resort for divers and non-divers alike.

Boasting an incredible spot with proximity to many world-famous dive sites and home to one of Bali's finest house reefs, passion for the surrounding underwater world is at the heart of the resort's PADI-affiliated 5 Star dive centre. A dedicated team of friendly, experienced and knowledgeable staff provide a first-class and flexible service, where safety and quality of care are of the highest importance without compromise to enjoyment.

Workshop Details

Workshop Date: Departing UK 11 September 2024

Tour: 9 Nights Photo Workshop, 8 Days Diving – 24 Dives

Tour Price: Excluding flights* twin share from £2295, Single supplement from **£200

Deposit Required: Non refundable £500 per person. Balance due 12 weeks prior to your departure.

Price Includes:

9 Nights Photo Workshop, Full board, 8 Days Diving – 24 Dives, Free nitrox and equipment hire subject to availability.

*Flights cost in the region of £950 per person and can be arranged on your behalf. Premium economy and business class available, prices available on request.

** If you are travelling alone and would like to avoid the single supplement by sharing a room with a fellow participant please let us know.

For more detailed resort information, please click HERE

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