South Africa

Destination Overview

Rich in culture and wildlife South Africa is a country on the most southernmost tip of the African continent offering shark, shark and more shark, along with some beautiful reefs, caves and crevices, a couple of wrecks, and some of the most adrenalin packed diving with apex predators you could possibly ask for.

For those looking for an experience of a lifetime we offer combination tours to include diving in both Mozambique and South Africa along with a Big-5 Safari. Call us now for more details.

Diving Information

Rated by Jacques Cousteau as one of the top 10 dive sites in the world, the Aliwah Shoal has a great reputation to live up to.

Aliwal Shoal offers sightings from the smallest Nudi branch up to huge whales, and sometimes even whale sharks. Rays, eels, dolphins, octopus, scorpion fish, frog fish are just a few of the reef visitors you are likely to see, but it’s the sharks that generally brings people to this part of the world.

The species of shark that you could potentially see on the shoal includes tiger, bull, hammerhead, blacktip, ragged tooth, dusky & guitar.