Wadi Lahami - Red Sea


Venture south along the almost empty coastline to find Wadi Lahami, a remote village where divers can experience the world-class Fury Shoals from land. Also, a haven for bird watchers and kite surfers due to protected lagoon and mangrove areas. A unique holiday experience for true explorers.

  • 7 nights’ accommodation
  • Beach Safari Tent full board
  • Flights & Transfers
  • 5 day RIB diving package
  • 4 dives per day
  • Cylinders & Weights
  • Beachfront Tents & Chalets
  • Secluded, deep south location
  • Close to the Fury Shoals reef system
  • Perfect for snorkelers & nature lovers
  • Onsite Kite Surfing Centre & bar
  • Focused on sustainable tourism
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  • Wadi Lahami

One of the only places you can dive the stunning reef system of the Fury Shoals from land. This small and remote village provides the perfect opportunity to escape from life's pressures, and enjoy peace, tranquility, and diving that will take your breath away.

This unique ‘deep south’ village is owned by the most professional and experienced pioneers along this coastline – Red Sea Diving Safari.

Smaller and quieter than her sister villages Marsa Shagra & Marsa Nakari, Wadi Lahami is ideal if you're looking for somewhere with top quality diving that's off the beaten track and close to nature.

The diving at Wadi Lahami is suitable for all levels of experience. With some of the best examples of coral formations in the world, the Fury Shoals really does offer something for everyone.

"We love Wadi Lahami, this was the second time we visited and we very much hope to go back. The location is gorgeous for a really chilled out get away. The staff are friendly and respectful, the food is great and the diving of course is wonderful."

***Special Offer***

Guests staying for a minimum of 4 weeks consecutive or longer will receive a discounted price on accommodation and diving!

This offer is valid for stays at Marsa Shagra, Marsa Nakari and Wadi Lahami, or a combination of villages.

Prices start from £1100 per person and include flights*, transfers, accommodation in a Beach Safari Tent twin share, full board and 20 days unlimited diving.

*Flights prices and accommodation may differ depending on duration, location and time of year..

Give us a call on 01323 648924 or drop us a line at info@oonasdivers.com and get your extended holiday booked!

We have included the resort map so you can get a feel for how the various element of the resort are laid out. Also, we find our customers often like to reserve certain room numbers as they like the view or may prefer to be closer or further away from the main services. As a guide, the walk from Chalet 52 to the dive shade will take around 7-10 minutes.

  • Marsa Shagra Dive Map
  • Marsa Shagra
  • Marsa Shagra

Oonasdivers and Red Sea Diving Safari (RSDS) have been Red Sea diving partners for over 20 years. We have worked exclusively together to create renowned scuba diving experiences in the southern Red Sea across their three outstanding scuba diving focussed soft tourism resorts.

Diving at RSDS is kept something of a secret by those who visit. There is an air of “I want to keep this to myself” for every diver who has been there, and that is really part of the essence that makes these resorts so special. Owned and led since the late 1980’s by Hossam, his family and long serving team, many of whom have worked at the resort for over 10 years. Oonasdivers founder worked with Hossam to open up the Red Sea to scuba divers in the 1990’s from the UK.

Hossam’s focus on reef protection has created what is probably the best house reef in the Red Sea. Marsa Shagra has two kilometres of private house reef open daily for the resorts visitors to explore at their leisure. You can find all of the marine life expected in the Red Sea just on this reef. Recently, Eagle Rays were mating in the area between the Marsa, offering divers daily sightings of these beautiful creatures.

The resorts each have their own identity and feel which has developed over time as the number of divers has increased. ‘Shagra’, as it is often called, is by far the most visited. It offers the largest house reef and daily access to Elphinstone for diving with the Longimanus. Guests are often drawn to its smaller sister ‘Nakari’, on their second or third visit to RSDS or may have already had a taste after a one-day dive trip from Shagra to see what it’s all about. Nakari offers a quieter, more laid-back setting with less divers, resulting in a highly relaxing diving experience. Moving onto Wadi Lahami, the frontier resort, where although there may be a capacity of 60 divers you will often find no more than 20 in resort at any one time. Here you can really get the feel of being miles away from anywhere.

Wadi Lahami is located on an almost empty coastline where the mangrove areas attract a wonderful variety of wildlife that you may not expect to see in Egypt. The daily diving at the Fury Shoals delivers outstanding dives over and over. The newly renovated Deluxe Chalets with A/C will without a doubt be a draw for our regulars and those looking to experience the adventure of this remote village for the first time.

Back in the late 1980’s Hossam and his small dive team used to travel down the coast road by truck stopping off and putting up tents every few days. In essence a land based dive safari. This later developed into the three fixed resorts, but the same tent experience is available still and is a very popular option with guests.

Since the 1980’s, as resorts have developed they have carefully added locally styled chalets with internationally recognised facilities such as A/C, LCD TV, fridge with daily refilled mini-bar, kettle and tea and coffee making facilities. They really have it covered, and if you need anything else you just need to ask.

  • Marsa Shagra
  • Marsa Shagra

The resorts approach to soft tourism means that they aim to limit the use of bottled water in resort. Where possible we would kindly recommend taking your own vacuum water bottle to refill during your stay, this will mean that your visit leads to no water bottles being opened, something to be proud of we think. The mineral water is supplied using refilling water stations which are free of charge for your whole stay. Shagra has its own solar power farm enabling it to use its own renewable energy.

  • Marsa Shagra
  • Marsa Shagra
  • Marsa Shagra
  • Marsa Shagra

Since taking my role in 2016 and having visited RSDS for the first time I can honestly say I am in love with the whole experience. It isn’t possible to put everything in this website that RSDS stands for and is, or to try to explain the absolute passion it evokes in its visitors. Its a "state of mind".

As a diver with over 3000 dives under my belt, a recently qualified other half, an eager 8-year-old son and an inquisitive 6-year-old daughter, RSDS brings a new sense of adventure to what we can do as a family. Just a week past my son’s 8th birthday he was on the house reef at Shagra doing his Bubblemaker course with Ondine, one of the expert dive instructors onsite there. As I watched him take his first breath underwater, I thought about how this would have only been a dream for me when I was 8!

I am not a marine biologist by any means, but I take a keen interest in how reefs look health wise and the reefs at RSDS are exceptional. In my job I periodically re-visit destinations that we offer to monitor the effects of conservation efforts, fishing and other externalities on the dive environments and in my humble opinion the house reefs at RSDS are a glowing reflection of the 20 years Hossam and his family have protected them and managed the environment with great care and attention. Only a few metres from the beach you can find all of the varieties of marine life that you would expect to see in the Red Sea, bar the deep pelagics.

You will also find fish of the same type in varying sizes confirming that the reef is developing healthily. The house reef provides a nursery for many young fish, such as the beautiful juvenile Emperor Angelfish. I hope you find my view interesting and it gives you an insight into what RSDS is over and above your every day dive resort. We are always on hand to answer any questions you may have just drop us a call.

Beach Safari Tent



  • Daily Housekeeping
  • Sunrise View
  • Shower gel & handwash provided in public bathrooms
  • Guaranteed Sea View
  • Frequent Public Bathroom Cleaning

Beach Safari Tents are one of the village hallmarks and an exciting experience of how their concept began. The Tents are close to the sea, in front of the mangroves. They measure 3.5x3.5 meters with hand-made furniture, lighting, electricity outlet and a seating area just outside. Tents are available with 2 single beds and share a communal bathroom facility

Royal Tent



  • Fan
  • Mini Fridge
  • Daily Housekeeping
  • Sunrise View
  • Shower gel & handwash provided in public bathrooms
  • Guaranteed Sea View
  • Frequent Public Bathroom Cleaning

Royal Tents are the most popular accommodation option and an integral part of the minimal impact concept. Inside is well furnished with a mini fridge, fan, bean bag chairs and table, and a seating area close to the mangroves by the shoreline. Inside measures 5x5 meters and has a mini fridge, fan, bean bag chairs and table. Royal Tents have either a double or twin beds and share bathroom facilities

Deluxe Chalet



  • Air conditioning
  • Daily Housekeeping
  • Wardrobe
  • Side and dressing table
  • Mountain amd sea view
  • Sunrise and sunset view

Deluxe Chalets are a standard en-suite room with a AC that overlook the mountains to one side, and the Red Sea to the other. Their large terraces come complete with a table and chairs for you to relax and enjoy the breathtaking views. They measure 4x6 metres and come with either a double or twin beds. Towels are provided for showering.

  • Marsa Shagra

Three meals per day are included within your package and are served in the open-air restaurant which provides a very sociable setting.

Guests will be served plated meals when occupancy is below 20 guests.

When there are more than 20 guests in resort a buffet meal service will be offered. Soft drinks (cola, fanta, sprite in bottles), tea and Nescafe coffee are also included. If you have any specific dietary requirements, please do let us know in advance as due to the remoteness of the resort the team will need to plan and purchase accordingly.

Outside restaurant opening times, snacks are available at charge from the cafeteria. They include a selection of crisps, chocolate bars, ice creams, biscuits and fresh fruit juices.

Wadi Lahami operates the same approach to mineral water as Shagra and Nakari. We aim for guests not to open plastic bottles of water and to refill as much as possible. Ideally pre-purchasing a vacuum type bottle that can be used many times even after your holiday. This massively reduces the plastic from guest visits and we hope you support the approach where possible.

The mineral water approach at RSDS has saved thousands of plastic water bottles entering the environment over the years. An interesting fact to consider is that over 5000 people visit the RSDS resorts every year and if every visitor opened one bottle per day of their stay this would be 35,000 plastic bottles per year. So the approach does have a clear and quantitative benefit for the local environment as recycling approaches are not always perfect.

  • Wadi Lahami
  • Wadi Lahami
  • Wadi Lahami
  • Wadi Lahami

Your diving day typically starts with breakfast being served from 6am for a 7am departure to the off shore reefs of the Fury Shoals for your 2 guided dives. On arrival at the 1st chosen dive site you will receive your briefing on board. After the 1st dive, tea, coffee, water and cake are served as you take your surface interval before moving on to your 2nd dive of the morning.

Returning to the resort around 12pm.

After lunch and the obligatory and pleasurable dive dissection and siesta has taken place, you can head out for up to two more dives at your leisure on a Zone 1 or 2 dive site. Night dives are arranged on a request basis as they are zodiac dives. Your first night dive will be guided so as to familiarise yourself with the site.

At Wadi Lahami the diving operations differ in that all diving is done from a Zodiac. No shore based entry is possible. There are a number of reefs to explore included in the unlimited package. Four dives per day are on offer at set times. These can change of course as local planning changes or due to guest requests.

Fury Shoals

The Fury Shoals is a highly regarded location normally only accessed from a liveaboard on a deep south itinerary. At Wadi Lahami you can get daily access to the various sites of the Fury Shoals which offer divers a vast area of coral bommies with swim-throughs covered in soft and hard corals. Napolean fish are resident in the area and there is a wreck to explore. You are likely to get a glimpse of a few white-tip sharks throughout the week as well.

  • Wadi Lahami Dive Map

At RSDS all diving outside of the house reef is subject to an additional charge. The cost depends on the zone of the dive site. We offer credit packages that you can pre-purchase to use on additional dives during your stay. You can then join these dives as they are organised throughout the week around your unlimited house reef package.

  • Marsa Shagra
  • Marsa Shagra
  • Marsa Shagra
  • Marsa Shagra

The dive centre is located at the main building where reception and the restaurant are set. The centre can organise equipment rentals when booked in advance and offers all the core PADI courses. Instructors can come down from Shagra or Nakari if the need arises. We find mainly certified divers visit Wadi Lahami and those seeking to learn to dive do this at Nakari or Shagra and then make a visit further south once they have built up some experience in the water.

At Wadi Lahami the diving operations differ in that all diving is done from a Zodiac. No shore based entry is possible. There are a number of reefs to explore included in the unlimited package. Four dives per day are on offer at set times. These can change of course as local planning changes or due to guest requests.

RIB Diving (Zone 1)

• Torfa (house reef)
• Ras Bonny
• Habili Gazella
• Habili Daisy*
• Shabrour*
* Sites for night diving

RIB Diving (Zone 2)
Planned RIB dives in Zone 2;
• Lahami North
• Lahami South
• Habili Bells
• Abu Galawa
• Habili Dominique
• Shaab Iny
• Shaab Mini
• Shaab Bloemen
• Shaab Claudia

RIB Diving (Zone 3)
Planned RIB dives in Zone 3;
• Shaab Maksour
• Satayah (Dolphin Reef)
• Malahi
• Shaab Angel

  • Marsa Shagra
  • Marsa Shagra
  • Marsa Shagra
  • Marsa Shagra

Hossam the owner of RSDS helped devise, establish and continues to provide support to the Decompression Chamber located across the road from Marsa Shagra. You can take a visit to Baro Medical to see what it is all about, just ask at reception and they will help organise it. Each guest pays an in-resort fee of 7 EUR as a donation to the chamber to keep it running.

The Red Sea lies between Africa and Asia and is surrounded by desert. The warm waters, minimal rainfall and sunny days attract travellers from all over the world. The diving season is year-round with visibility averaging 30m. From December to February, the nights can be cool, with warm, balmy nights in the summer months. July and August are the hottest months. In winter, there can often be a breeze. Wadi Lahami is off of the beaten track and on the doorstep of the famous Fury Shoals, Hurghada Airport is 393km north, and Marsa Alam Airport is 180km north.

There are over 1200 species of marine life that can be found in the Red Sea, the most common are clown fish, moray, turtles, napoleon, and parrot fish. Add to this sharks, dolphins, pristine corals and even the elusive dugong, and you have a diving destination that has something wonderful around every corner. Reefs team with life, a kaleidoscope of colours sure to impress every diver, with the clear waters also attracting snorkellers and underwater photographers along with beginners and those wanting to try their hand at technical diving and free diving.

Average temperatures in Summer (April-October):
Air 26-30°c / Sea: 27-31°c

Average temperatures in Winter (November-March):
Air 22-24°c / Sea 23-25°c

We can arrange flights into both Hurghada Airport and Marsa Alam Airport from a selection of airports in the UK, the flight time is around five and a half hours.

Transfers between the airport and the resort can be included within your package. You will be met by a representative from Red Sea Diving Safari outside the terminal building. The transfer time from Hurghada is approximately 5 hours, and from Marsa Alam around 2 hours.

A Visa is required for entry into both Hurghada and Marsa Alam.

The Egyptian Pound is the currency in Egypt however euros and sterling are widely accepted in small denominations.
The time difference is GMT + 2 hours.
The calling code is +20
The plug type is C & F / 220v voltage
Please follow this link for up-to-date health advice and details of any vaccinations that are required before travel

Visa - Your 30 day Egypt entrance VISA has not been included in your package unless otherwise requested.

Transfers - After passing through immigration and collecting your luggage please proceed to exit the terminal building where your Red Sea Diving Safari representative will be waiting for you outside.

Marsa Shagra, Marsa Nakari and Wadi Lahami have passed the required COVID-19 audits by the Egyptian authorities to operate.

All accommodation types in all villages are now available.

Wadi Lahami requires a minimum number of guests to open, and a minimum number of divers for the diving centre to operate.

All RSDS staff are fully vaccinated.

There are some changes on site, for example the installation of glass screens, sanitiser, increased signage, and increased sanitisation/cleaning procedures. 2 chalets in each village are designated as quarantine chalets.

All diving excursions are now operating as normal.

Water dispensers have now been reinstated, please take your refillable bottle.

RSDS would appreciate non-contact greetings where possible, and credit card payments rather than cash. We also encourage guests to leave tips on their invoice at the end of their stay, rather than cash.

Marsa Shagra was the first hotel in Marsa Alam to reopen and receive the certification from the Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Health and Egyptian Hotels Association (required by law to operate).


· Housekeeping service is only provided twice per week. If guests require towels and linen they are welcome to ask in the reception.
· Housekeeping staff are required to wear full suits, gloves, visors and use additional equipment for deep cleaning (e.g. steamers).


All 3 resorts have internet access via Wi-Fi around the reception areas. Please ask at reception for more information and prices. Please remember that due to the remoteness of the location’s internet access is not always as fast and efficient as other parts of the world. This is also a shared connection for all guests, so the speed is also linked to how many others are also using the service. If you need to be connected all the time and in your Tent/Chalet then you should organise your personal WIFI/SIM Card.

Personal Wifi/SIM Card Usage

SIM cards are available to purchase at Marsa Shagra, and by prior arrangement at Marsa Nakari and Wadi Lahami. Vodafone 4G works well in Egypt. Your phone will need to be un-locked for the SIM to work in it (if you have a contract phone it will likely be locked - check with your provider before you leave). For the best data connection, purchase a MIFI before departure (a MIFI is a little box that a SIM Card slots into and provides a WIFI connection for your devices to use).


220v European style 2 pin.

Lockers & Storage

At Shagra all Deluxe Chalets have mini safes for your valuables, for all other accommodations there are lockers available for use in reception. At Nakari & Lahami valuables can be stored in the reception safe.


It is possible to purchase essentials such as shampoo and toothpaste etc, but we do advise our guests to take their own.


Ample shower towels are provided in the room, beach towels can be rented for 5 Euro for the week from reception.

Drinks Plan

All resorts include inclusive water, selected soft drinks, standard tea and coffee. Speciality teas and fresh coffee and juices are available to purchase locally from €2. Beer and wine is also available.


At Marsa Shagra there is a small pharmacy opposite the resort, this would be suitable for pain relief etc, there is also the doctor located in the hyperbaric chamber. Please ensure you take all of your prescriptive medications with you. If you need any medical help whilst on resort please speak to reception.


As all resorts have some pleasant planting, we do suggest all guests take insect repellent as a precaution.

Your little luxuries

You can take your own little luxuries and store them in your room fridge (subject to room choice). Take your Vacuum coffee cup to enjoy hot drinks on the go, re-fill free of charge at the restaurant or in between at the cafeteria. Take your own drink and just grab hot water and milk.

Health & Well-Being

We want you to have a great holiday as does every member of staff at RSDS. If you have any problem, something is not to your liking or you are not feeling well which can be common in a hot country especially if it is your first time away. Do speak to reception, the dive centre or one of the staff who can in turn help ensure your problems are solved. We are also able to help via e-mail while you are away, just drop your booking manager a message. Always drinks lots of water, especially in the hotter months. You can easily become dehydrated and get an upset tummy. If this happens speak to reception or alert the dive centre team who can in turn help deal with your issue promptly to ensure you can enjoy your holiday.


Euro is the preferred currency, if you wish to purchase a small amount of local LE this can be arranged through reception. Your final bill can be paid in cash, or card. Visa and Mastercard are accepted with a 3% charge, sorry they cannot accept Amex.


We recommend a tip of approx. €60 per person for a 7-night stay. Tips are at your discretion, and this is just advisory only. You may also tip any member of the team privately.

Compulsory Local Charges

These charges will be added to your bill at check out.
€7 DECO chamber contribution - Shagra, Nakari & Lahami
€5 Solar programme contribution - Shagra only

· Guests renting regulators are required to purchase their own mouthpiece on site, to keep, at a cost of €3. They can also bring their own.
· Additional disinfecting procedures are in place for rental equipment
· Rinse tanks are no longer in use and guests are required to rinse their equipment under running water in the diving shade.
· House reef white boards are not currently in use. Guests are required to inform the shade staff of their diving profile and they will keep the record and watch for their safety
· Lower maximum numbers of divers on our speedboats according to the speedboat size · Zone A (truck dives) are currently unavailable until further notice
· No entry to the diving centre - all communication should be carried out by the service window
· Defogging liquid provided to discourage the use of saliva for mask defog
· Guests are encouraged to keep all items, including wetsuit and BCD in their diving locker (instead of using hangers)
· Additional chemicals and disinfectants are in use in the diving shade area for sanitisation

Dive Centre Check In

The morning after your arrival, at approx. 8am you can check into the dive centre. Please ensure that you take your dive certification with you, along with any nitrox or medical certificate you may also need to present. Once you have checked it, been given your weights and locker number you will attend a thorough dive briefing, were you will receive information on dive profiles and instructions for the house reef and zodiac use, along with details of excursions available, prices and how to book. Once the briefing is over, you will be taken to the dive shade to kit up and prepare for your first of 2 orientation dives. Please note, if you have taken a 5 days dive package and wish to take a day’s dive rest mid-week, please ensure you inform the dive centre, so they know not to add an additional day to your bill on check out.

Dive Equipment storage

Lockers are provided to store your equipment in the dive shade. You can purchase a padlock for approx.; €2 but you are welcome to take your own.

Cylinders & Nitrox

A selection of 12ltr aluminium cylinders are available in both DIN and international fittings. 15ltrs are also available but carry a surcharge of €5 per dive. Nitrox 32% is available at €2 per fill

Water temperature & suggested wetsuit

Dec & Jan 26c to 20c 5mm - 7mm
Feb & Mar 23c to 20c 7mm
Apr & May 24c to 25c 5mm
Jun & Jul 26c to 28c 3mm - 5mm
Aug & Sep 28c to 30c 3mm
Oct & Nov 29c to 27c 3mm - 5mm


Snorkelling is available at both Shagra & Nakari from the shore, it can also be nice to hop on the zodiacs as they leave to drop off divers and drop onto the edge of the Marsa and slowly drift back. Have a quick chat with the dive shade locally so they can advise on wind and current. Snorkellers can often join on excursions, for a small charge, please check locally with dive centre if the dive site is suitable.


Please ensure you are able to deploy your DSMB properly and operate you own safety stop management for buddy shore diving, especially for the outer house reef zodiac to zodiac dives.

Wadi Lahami is great for groups as often the group will be the only guests in the resort as it is very small and often chosen for this reason. Having your own hidden gem of a dive resort for your groups usage for the time you stay is a big benefit on offer. The new Deluxe Chalets with all the mod cons mean you can keep your creature comforts while connecting with the local nature as there are only ten of the new Deluxe Chalets it limits occupancy to twenty or so people with others staying in the ever popular Tents.

Groups can set their own itinerary and have some additional tours planned to get the most of the experience. THe local wildlife and mangroves are a must visit and the stars are amazing in this area so enjoying the Astronomy tour is a ideal add on for a group holiday. We create bespoke tours for our groups based on their specific desires.

Speak to our team about your group trip and let us inspire you.


    Guests staying for a minimum of 4 weeks consecutive or longer will receive a discounted price on accommodation and diving! This offer is valid for stays at Marsa Shagra, Marsa Nakari and Wadi Lahami, or a combination of villages.

    PRICES START FROM £1795 inc Flights, Transfers, Beach Safari Tent with Full Board and 20 Days House Reef Diving

Take a walk and explore the Mangroves. They are a rare sight in such an arrid place. The geology has allowed their formation and ability to survive the pressures of the local environment.

Seeing the stars is best done from the desert where you can lay back and see the milky way and many constellations. Your guide will help you spot them during your tour.

Take a quad bike trip into the desert and see some amazing geology dating back thousands of years. Enjoy the trip at your own pace and see some breath-taking views.

Day trips to Wadi El Gemal National Park can be prebooked. You will visit the ancient settlement Sakit and its emerald mines.

There are amazing snorkelling opportunities from Wadi Lahami. We have catered for groups of snorkellers as the local reefs are ideal for snorkel trips as there are plenty of shallow reefs to explore.

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