Oonasdivers specialist workshops

Meet our workshop leaders. Each leader offers unique tours that enable you to get that bit more from your holiday. Contact us for the latest trips that are running.

  • Alex Tattersall

    Award winning photographer Dr Alex Tattersall teamed with Oonasdivers back in 2010. We have hosted multiple workshops in Egypt, Indonesia & Philippines with many more exciting destinations to come.

    My trips are all about...

    Alex’s boundless enthusiasm for creatively capturing the underwater world and sharing these ideas and techniques with others has become the signature of his Oonasdivers workshops. He also has possibly the most extensive bag of underwater toys for all to play with including fluo filters, close up lenses, light shaping devices, laser snoots, and if you are nice to him he may even allow you to have a go on his magic ball!


  • Marcus Greatwood

    We are very pleased to bring to you our new and exciting workshop, Freediving, and introduce our workshop leader Marcus Greatwood, international Freediving coach and instructor.

    My trips are all about...

    Marcus has coached 5 world records with Herbert Nitsch, including the 214m NoLimits record set in 2007. Marcus has coached athletes of many disciplines, set 12 National records, and personally held several UK records in “depth apnea”

  • Wenche Beard

    Oonasdivers has teamed with Wenche Beard, the founder and Director of the Yoga-Life Studio, based in the South Coast of England. Wenche is a fully qualified British Wheel of Yoga teacher (BWY) who has been teaching for over 15 years. Her refreshing and empowering teaching style allows you to discover that yoga can be fun as well as meaningful. Wenche is also trained in a range of complementary therapies and healing techniques.

    My trips are all about...

    Through her teaching she helps others to live bravely, joyfully and passionately to free themselves from barriers and restrictions so they can be true to who they really are. She combines her love of teaching yoga with meditation and conscious breath work.

  • David Diley

    David Diley, award winning Film-Maker and Underwater Cinematographer, is best known for his work with large sharks, stingray and commercial film productions for the UK Dive industry. This workshop is open to anyone seriously interested in improving their underwater videography in an informal, friendly, non-competitive environment.

    David's most recent awards include Winner for “Best Cinematography,” (documentary) "Best Editing" (documentary),"Best Sound Design" alongside two “Best Film” awards and nominations for Best Director and Best Science and Education.

    My trips are all about...

    Some of David’s work includes Of Shark and Man, “The Mini Mantas of Maria,” “A Ray of Light” and “A Ray of Light II” and commercial film productions for the UK Dive industry, including Technically Inspired, a beautiful piece featuring technical diver Adam Wood for Apeks Marine.

    David is also a Commercial Media Diver and Fourth Element Dive Team member.

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