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Why book onto a Underwater Photography Workshop - Saeed Rashid

Saeed Rashid, our self-professed photo neek (nerd & geek) tells us how any underwater photographer or film-maker can benefit from joining an organised workshop.

Why book on a photography workshop?

Spending a lot of money on a camera, lenses, underwater housing and strobes is no guarantee that you will be able to capture drop-dead gorgeous images the first, second or even the tenth time you use it. Sometimes reading a book just doesn't replace first-hand experience. After all, you didn't learn to dive or drive your car from a book or trial and error did you? The same goes for underwater photography. I'm sure that every other photographer out there has had help from someone else, so why shouldn't you?

Underwater photography workshops are the perfect place for you to learn, experiment and hone your skills. They allow you time to make mistakes and not only offer you the chance to learn from the photo pro leading the workshop but also from everyone else learning along with you.

The diving is very relaxed and you quickly learn that it's ok to spend time with your subject and that you can see the rest of the reef on the next dive.

 Why book onto a Underwater Photography Workshop - Saeed Rashid