Marsa Nakari Revisited

One of our lovely customers tells all about his second trip to Red Sea Diving Safari's Marsa Nakari.

  • Visiting a heavenly holiday destination for the first time is great. After all the research on Google, and all things interweb, you feel pretty confident it will be a superb experience. When you get there and discover all the things TripAdvisor never told you about: like the pair of ospreys that are living only a couple of hundred metres away; or the loveable camp dog that greets you as you come back from a shore dive (we’ve christened her Precious). It’s finding the unexpected turns a great holiday into a truly awesome one.

    So, what about the following year? Could anything live up to the holiday just gone? Well, for Marsa Nakari, the simple answer was yes! After an extensive online trawl for potential week-long family diving holidays, we concluded that nowhere would beat Nakari.

  • After a few phone calls with Lydia (crazy lady with infectious enthusiasm) we had all the same buzz of excitement and expectation for our revisit! Lydia had arranged a sling-tank for me (free of charge, no less!), so I could experience the pleasure of having the house reef all to myself (only available to suitably qualified dive geeks). Lydia also let slip that Precious was still there and had a new friend (subsequently named Paws by my son). I kept the doggy facts a secret from my young lad, so he had the full surprise on arrival.

    To find that the food had gone from delicious to even-more-delicious and the dive staff, who still remembered us, were the same friendly, helpful bunch made the holiday even better than anticipated. When we finally had to leave, we were incredible sad, but took with us some amazing highlights: sharing the water with dugongs; watching a tiny baby cuttlefish on a night dive; making friends with an octopus; and whooping the staff in the impromptu games of football that suddenly materialised when my son brought the football out of the suitcase (ok, maybe the staff won. Who knew that Monty was so good?).

  • Jenny, Lydia – thanks for arranging yet another brilliant holiday. You asked what could be done to improve the holiday? Answer – nothing! Except, maybe keeping it a closely guarded secret so no one spoils it in the future ??

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