BBC Documentary in the Red Sea

This weekend a BBC crew came to stay at the Sharks Bay Umbi Village.

  • Emma from Oonasdivers was the lucky assistant to the BBC film crew who chose Sharks Bay Umbi Village to make a Horizon documentary this weekend. A day was spent filming at Jackson in Tiran to obtain some fantastic footage of the amazingly colourful corals and fish life.

    Day 2 was spent a Umbi Village in Sharks Bay itself to get interviews and more fantastic pictures.

    The documentary will be aired on BBC 2 in September and looks at the study of coral, fish and how they can help protect us from skin damage from the sun.

    There's a great scene involving a squid!!

  • A big thanks to Alex and the Sharks Bay team for being so patient and helpful.

    Date and time of Horizon documentary to follow soon...

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