First Visit to Marsa Shagra!

Kayleigh Slowey recalls her first trip to Red Sea Diving Safari, as part of a group of 38 guests from Falmouth University.

  • You never know what to expect when it comes to travelling abroad to a country you’ve never been to. You wonder what it will be like, the people, the food, the weather. When I arrived in Egypt it was around 8pm, it was dark. I was half asleep during the journey from the airport to the resort which really left me to my imagination to what my surroundings looked like.

    So, you can only imagine when I got up in the morning and pulled back the tent door to reveal the beautiful blue waters of Marsa Shagra, I was in my element. It was in that moment that I realized the next 14 days were going to be a paradise staying with The Red Sea Diving Safari.

  • The Diving

    It was my first time diving out of UK waters, it was hard to know what to expect. The crystal-clear waters up to 20 meters were a dream, I was taken away by the abundance of coral and fish. For my first dive we went on the house reef, the instructors were so friendly and helpful, I felt completely at ease. We did a shore dive and headed north, the marine life was so consistent. At around 18 meters we met one of the locals, a huge Porcupine fish who was more than happy to pose for a few pictures. Little did I know at the time he would become a very familiar face when diving the house reefs. Blue Spotted Rays, Torpedo Ray, Lionfish, hundreds of Pipefish, cuttlefish and if you were lucky perhaps a black tip shark or a turtle. All of this just on the house reef.

    My most favourite dive had to be Abu Dabbab, a shallow dive up to 10 meters in search for some turtles, and never less we saw them, around 6 turtles in a 60-minute dive. They were more than happy to graze the sea grass whilst I snapped a few pictures. Being my most favourite marine animal it was such an honor to chill with them on the sea beds.

    The instructors were so helpful and friendly, a guided dive was always a laugh. The guys on the ribs looked after us very well, insuring we were always comfortable and would provide swift pickups.

    All in all, despite it being the winter months, the red sea was with no doubt thriving with marine life. Being a photographer, it was the most fantastic experience with such clear waters.

  • The Resort

    When I wasn’t diving there was plenty of places to relax. Down by the dive center there were bean bags dotted all along the shore, and when the sun was shining this was my go to for relaxation. With a café only a few steps away there wasn’t anywhere better. There were also hammocks and loungers dotted all around the resort that you could lounge on during the day.

    The food was fantastic, with a buffet themed layout there were different dishes on the menu each day. The chefs were more than happy to provide whatever you wanted and would assist in every way they could. However, my most favourite part was the desert table. With various fresh sponges, pastries, fruit, and even ice cream, it was impossible not to load my plate up each evening.

    The resort was spotless and so well taken care of and truly beautiful, at night thousands of tea lights would light up the paths making the resort seem so magical. The staff were friendly and would be more than willing to help you out with whatever you needed. A few days in and I had a problem with some dive kit and within a matter of hours it was checked over and fixed better than ever.

    In a Nutshell

    My trip to the Red Sea was my most favourite trip, I have never felt so emotional to leave a place behind. It was an incredible diving experience, especially for myself as a photographer. The Red Sea Diving Safari was a friendly, well-kept resort with a 5* service. The staff were so passionate about their jobs and their love for the ocean. I will be returning without a doubt.

    Images Courtesy of Kayleigh Slowey

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