Marcus Greatwood

We are very pleased to bring to you our new and exciting workshop, Freediving, and introduce our workshop leader Marcus Greatwood, international Freediving coach and instructor.

Marcus has coached 5 world records with Herbert Nitsch, including the 214m NoLimits record set in 2007. Marcus has coached athletes of many disciplines, set 12 National records, and personally held several UK records in “depth apnea”

Working with fellow professionals such as Herbert Nitsch, and studying a post grad in Learning Psychology helped Marcus develop the complete training system “NTStyle”. This can be used by athletes, scuba divers, golfers and Freedivers alike.

For Marcus's latest workshops please check out the live workshop page.

My Trips

  • Freediving with Marcus Greatwood

    The key to freediving is relaxation, and the techniques Marcus teaches are used in a huge variety of situations, as well as enjoying the oceans. Dry exercises include yoga, breathing and relaxation techniques.

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