Ponta do Ouro by Faye Wilde

Read Faye's account of her recent trip to the Mozambique, it's SHARKTASTIC!

  • It was time for another adventure. Having failed to see tiger sharks on various trips where they might be, they had become my unicorn of diving. My attention was drawn to a recommendation of seeing lots of sharks (and hopefully tigers) in Ponta Do Ouro, Mozambique. I had heard great things about Ponta but was not prepared for exactly how spectacular it would be - I had definitely hit diver gold. This was the ultimate dive trip for me - beautiful peaceful surroundings, hot sun and so many sharks I didn't know where to look first on some dives.

    Getting to Ponta Do Ouro alone is an adventure (takes a couple of days with stops) and this is exactly why you should go. There are no overcrowded dive sites here, just pristine, protected waters where the sharks swim wild and free and ridiculously awesome diving as a result.

  • Imagine my delight and excitement when less than 30 seconds into the descent on the first shark dive a tiger shark, my unicorn, just casually glided past. We would go on to see a lot of tigers that week as well as hammerheads, bull sharks, black tip and silver tip sharks. We actually saw all 5 species on one single dive one day! There is no baiting or chumming here, so you drift in the blue waiting for the rather surreal and magical appearance of sharks as they go about their natural behaviours. There were also sightings of cownose rays, mobulas and eagle rays as well as lots of big shoals of game fish on the shark dives. It really is a sight to behold.

    If the shark diving wasn't exciting enough, you can also do reef dives and they are teeming with life. All kinds of rays, morays, nudibranchs and my second unicorn, a frog fish!

    Obviously this doesn't all happen by coincidence, it would not be possible without the excellent crew and guides. I cannot recommend ScubaAddicts highly enough, they excel at customer service both in and out of the water. They have all the gear AND all the ideas! Our guide for the week Craig (aka the shark whisperer) has extensive experience diving with these sharks and it shows. His enthusiasm for spotting sharks in the blue is infectious and we felt safe at all times thanks to his detailed knowledge of how to behave around them.

    A lot of work goes on behind the scenes to ensure the food and facilities at the lodge are top notch. Craig's brai was so good, we requested it twice! We also had some very fun group outings to different places and restaurants for those who wanted to (there are also restaurants, craft stalls etc. within easy walking distance of the lodge). They have quite literally thought of everything to ensure you have the best holiday. Transfers from the airport, border crossings and lodge stays en route are all with ScubaAddicts, no outside agencies, and again their expertise shows in navigating the sandy 'roads' for the Mozambique side. And I'm not sure where else you see zebras, giraffes and antelope on the journey, or hippos walking past your restaurant (in the transfer lodges)! Thanks to Shona, Craig, Leanne, Mike, the whole crew and my buddies for an unforgettable trip.

    Still reading? Thanks if so :). Now, what are you waiting for? Pack your sun cream, your sense of adventure and a camera (definitely a camera) and get yourselves out there! Scuba Addicts Ponta Do Ouro, you stole a piece of my heart and I will be back to collect it some time again for sure (if you'll have me).

    Faye Wilde

    (Since Faye travelled the flight and transfer details have changed. You now fly to Maputo with a transfer time of approximately 2 hours)

  • If you would like more information on our Mozambique adventures give us a call on 01323 648924 or drop us a line info@oonasdivers.com

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