Malta Diving Resorts

Destination Resorts Overview

Malta is an archipelago in the central Mediterranean between Sicily and the North African coast, it measures 27km long and 14km wide. The Maltese Islands have a sunny climate averaging at around 12 hours of sunshine a day during the hot, dry summer months and with a short flight of just 3 hours from the UK you can be in the water in no time at all! Winters are short and mild and as Malta is located in the middle of the sparkling Mediterranean Sea there is little tidal activity, the clear blue ocean is perfect for scuba diving due to the calmness, and the excellent visibility makes it a great place for beginners and those wanting to learn to dive.

With over 7000 years of history there is so much to see and do, this destination is home to three UNESCO World Heritage sites and is often described as one big open-air museum. You can experience Valletta, the capital of Malta, which is home to The Grandmaster’s Palace and the majestic St John’s Co-Cathedral. The Silent City of Mdina is another must see, this small town sits on top of a hill with panoramic views across the island and beyond, it dates back 4,000 years and is surrounded by tall bastion fortifications and filled with historical buildings.

Sweethaven, also known as Popeye Village, is a favourite with children of all ages wanting to explore the film set of the Robin William’s 1980 Popeye film and meet the famous cartoon characters, along with enjoying many of the other attractions such as boat rides, beach lido, water trampolines, food outlets and winery.

In addition to the fascinating culture and history, Malta also has stunning countryside, quaint villages, wonderful beaches, mouth-watering cuisine, outdoor sports, and lively nightlife so on a dry day or for non-divers the choices are endless!

Average temperatures in Summer (March-October): Air 16-30c / Sea: 21-28c

Average temperatures in Winter (November-February): Air 12-17c / Sea 16-19c

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