Solo Week at Marsa Nakari!

This holiday isn't just for single people, it's designed for anyone who does, or who wants to travel solo.

  • Sample Itinerary:

    Tour: 7 Night full board & selected soft drinks / Diving: 6 Days unlimited house reef + 9 escorted dives/dive excursions

    *If you are willing to share a Royal Tent or Deluxe Chalet please let us know, we can assist in finding you a roommate. Discounts may apply. Prices may vary dependant on time of year.


    Nakari is a small, quiet and slightly remote diving village that benefits from a fantastic house reef just minutes from the shore, unlimited diving, peace and tranquillity. The perfect mixture for a perfect dive holiday, and a perfect place to meet and make likeminded new friends.


    Over the years liveaboards have become the favoured way to travel alone, yet be part of a diving group, with up to 24 readymade buddies confined to one 40m vessel.

    We have spoken to so many of our solo guests who have really wanted to try a week at Marsa Nakari. However, being alone, and the destination being landbased, they have felt they may not entirely benefit from the unlimited diving experience that this wonderful dive village has to offer.

    As a result, we have decided to dedicate a couple of weeks a year to bring all you solo travellers together, and enjoy our exciting landaboard at Marsa Nakari!

    Included within your tour will be:

    Airport lounge pass on departure
    Flights Gatwick direct to Marsa Alam
    7 Nights full board & selected soft drinks
    6 Days unlimited house reef diving in buddy pairs
    9 Escorted dives/dive excursions
    2 Evening presentations

    On your first day of diving you will receive a detailed briefing and 2 daytime orientation dives of Marsa Nakari’s extensive house reef. Locally referred to as a “check dive” these 2 dives are much much more that just a chance to blow the dust from your 2nd stages, check your weights, and get yourself kit comfy for the days ahead, they introduce you to the highlights of the Marsa and fringe reef, what has been seen in the previous day, what can be seen this time of year, where and when you are likely to find what…. A great start to your weeks buddy dive planning.

    After your second day of diving, we have arranged for a guided night dive. Diving at night at a location which may already be starting to become familiar to you, will give you a completely new experience. Night diving changes the way we see the underwater world and it can be even more beautiful, colourful and mysterious.

    From the moment you check in at the dive centre Nakari’s house reef is your playground as buddy pairs for the duration of your stay, opening from 7am and closing at 9pm daily.

    Diving the house reef can be accessed directly from shore through the Marsa, or you can take full advantage of the complimentary zodiacs that are available all day for pick up and drop offs for the outer fringe reef…. It just couldn’t get any easier.

  • Below is our sample itinerary for the remaining 6 escorted dives/dive excursions that are included within your dive package for days 2 - 6. We have planned you a cracking itinerary, however, mother nature has been known to occasionally interfere with our schedules, so you may find that sites are substituted or re-arranged for different days locally.

    If that’s not enough, there are more excursions available that can be booked and paid for locally.

    Marsa Nakari House Reef - 5-30m (Shore & Zodiac)

    The house reef of Nakari Village offers a very interesting landscape in the bay and beautiful coral formation on the outside fringing reef. It’s an excellent site to dive with the zodiac, and drift back to the shore. On the north side there is usually a large school of small barracuda swimming in circles. The shallow part is the most interesting. There is a good chance to encounter a turtle or giant moray at night. On the south the landscape is chaotic and very interesting with many canyons and pillars sheltering species such as lionfish and groupers. From the corners to the south or north part of the fringing reef are stunning coral gardens and nice drop offs with a chance to see pelagic marine life cruising by – sometimes even dolphins!

    Marsa Egla - 5 - 30m (Shore)

    A large sandy bay offering easy access to the reef on the north side and an expansive patch of seagrass in the south. The site is rich in marine life, with frequent sightings of hawksbill turtles on the reef, while there is a chance to see large green turtles grazing on the seagrass. The term 'Egla' (meaning baby cow) refers to the fact that this was one of the places where historically it was common to see a sea cow (Dugong), and this possibility still exists today. It is an enjoyable and easy site to explore, offering something for every level.

    Ras Samadi – 5 – 28m (Shore)

    Ras is the Egyptian word for ‘head’, a small and narrow piece of land sticking out in the sea. The fringing reef opens to a pool that is surrounded by many small and beautiful pinnacles covered with hard corals. Chances to see black stingrays, reef sharks, moray eels or a tuna in the blue on the East side. The area is so rich in coral formation that you can enjoy several different dive profiles at this site. The inside of the pool is a common resting place for bottlenose dolphins.

    Shaab Nakari - Depth Range 22m (RIB)

    This is a wonderful drift dive with a plateau and drop off in the North going to the shallower South. The reef features many patches and small pinnacles with beautiful hard and soft corals. It’s very common to see Napoleon, Moray Eels, Lion Fish and the multi-coloured reef fish that are abundant in the South Red Sea.

    Habilli Nakari - Depth Range 5-25m (RIB)

    This site consists of a group of pinnacles that have not yet reached the surface. Huge soft corals can be seen in many colours, and cover the pinnacles, which are also home to many Anthias. Many of the colourful reef fish like Picasso and Sweetlips can be seen here, but also groups of barracudas and the occasional reef shark. In Spring there is a chance to see Whale Sharks and Manta Rays.

    Abu Ghusoun - 5-18m (Shore)

    This is a shore based wreck dive featuring a cargo vessel called the Hamada, which hit the reef and sank nearly 15 years ago. The wreck is covered with soft coral and sits between 5-18 meters. This dive is arranged as a half day excursion including 2 dives.

    For further details on Marsa Nakari follow this link or call us on 01323 648924 for more details.

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