Alex Tattersall

Award winning photographer Dr Alex Tattersall teamed with Oonasdivers back in 2010. We have hosted multiple workshops in Egypt, Indonesia & Philippines, and for 2019 we will be taking our first workshop in La Paz, the Gulf of California.

Alex’s boundless enthusiasm for creatively capturing the underwater world and sharing these ideas and techniques with others has become the signature of his Oonasdivers workshops. He also has possibly the most extensive bag of underwater toys for all to play with including fluo filters, close up lenses, light shaping devices, laser snoots, and if you are nice to him he may even allow you to have a go on his magic ball!


Alex's workshops are designed for the intermediate/advanced UW photographers and, alongside the exploration of 'technical' areas of photography such as exposures, compositions, and camera settings, will impart how a greater understanding and sensitivity to the behaviour of marine life can enable anyone to take award winning photos

These workshops are designed to give you the opportunity to try some of the latest photo post-processing software to get the best final results from the shots you take. The course is open to anyone seriously interested in improving their photography skills in an informal, friendly, non-competitive environment. Alex will be on hand each day throughout the day to offer individual advice about any aspects of your photography, and you will finish each day with a discussion and constructive review of a selection of shots from course participant.

For Alex's latest workshops please check out the live workshop page.

My Trips

  • La Paz with Alex Tattersall

    This trip promises to be an unforgettable experience, put your name on the list quickly as we expect the limited number of places to sell out fast. 

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  • Atlantis Puerto Galera with Alex Tattersall

    Few places that I have visited offer such a fantastic experience both above and below water and this trip holds some serious promise for both casual and serious photographers.

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  • NAD Lembeh with Alex Tattersall

    Join us November 2020 for our 3rd photography workshop at the fabulous NAD Lembeh Resort. This trip has been designed to coincide with the ideal moon phase for spectacular black water or reef night diving!

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  • Capturing Critters in Lembeh

    Capturing Critters in Lembeh is the biggest Underwater Photography event in the Lembeh Strait and is attended by Photographers and Videographers from all over the World.

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