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Marsa Nakari LGW 11/07/2019 £904pp Enquire
Marsa Nakari LGW 11/07/2019 £944pp Enquire
Marsa Nakari LGW 14/07/2019 £947pp Enquire
Marsa Shagra LGW 11/07/2019 £954pp Enquire
Marsa Shagra LGW 11/07/2019 £969pp Enquire
Marsa Nakari BHX 15/07/2019 £980pp Enquire


Diving Holidays for Non-Divers!

Here at Oonasdivers we specialize in scuba diving holidays, however we totally understand that donning a mask and fins and taking the plunge isn’t for everyone...

With this in mind we have come up with a selection of holidays that mean that no one gets left at home and joining a scuba mad partner/friend/family member on their next adventure is the way forward!

If you don’t mind getting wet, then we would suggest looking at destinations where the snorkeling can be as impressive as the diving. Murex Dive Resorts in North Sulawesi, Indonesia, has just put together a range of snorkeling packages taking you to world-class sites such as Bunaken Marine Park with its stunning coral reefs, schools of fish, crystal clear waters and countless turtles. Manado Bay offers ‘muck’ snorkeling opportunities and shallow water reefs set on black volcanic sands where unusual critters can be seen.

Another fantastic destination for snorkelers is the Maldives, stay at one of our wonderful resorts and snorkel Hanifaru Bay in the Baa Atoll where you can see manta rays and whale sharks; or closer to home experience the beautiful corals of the Red Sea at one of Red Sea Diving Safari’s villages where you can find yourself eye to eye with turtles, dolphins, lion fish and even the occasional dugong or whale shark.

 Diving Holidays for Non-Divers!